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Globally, the workforce is evolving due to factors such as demographic shifts and lifestyle choices. Organizations as such are facing new challenges that impact the health, safety and wellbeing of employees in workplaces. To tackle these challenges, companies must consider new approaches to enhance health, safety and wellbeing of employees.

Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) is a new approach that integrates workplace safety, occupational health and health promotion. It is only when these components are in place, could true integration of workplace safety and health be effectively carried out.

It is a holistic approach towards managing safety and health in the workplace that includes proactive, broad and integrated assessments of all risks in the workplace, safety, occupational health and employee wellbeing. By managing the health and safety aspects of work together, employees can live and work healthily and safely, reducing sickness absence and ill-health, and may even improve their productivity at work.

Fig1: Components of Total WSH

Fig2: Total WSH Implementation Roadmap in an Organisation

Identifying possible hazards along NUH walkways (left); The Total WSH team giving a lecture on Workplace Ergonomics (right)

The Total WSH team discovered a low pressure eyewash that prevents effective eye-washing in an emergency (left); Understanding work processes in the NUH kitchen (right)

Total WSH Assessment Tools

As part of the ongoing Total WSH efforts, the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health has designed the following tools for assessing total workplace safety and health services:

Workplace Safety and Health Services Questionnaire (WSHQ)

The questionnaire covers the organisational structure of the company, health, safety and wellbeing (HSW) goals and other questions pertaining to HSW. It is best filled by the company Human Resource Personnel together with an employee who is familiar with safety and health matters of the company.

The questionnaire can give the management information on the current status of their company in terms of their management system of Occupational Health and Safety.

The data collected from WSHQ will give the Total WSH team a better idea of the company and form a baseline report of the company’s current status. A more relevant approach can be taken to assist the company in improving their safety, health and wellbeing.

Download WSHQ

Basic Health Survey (BHS)

The BHS is a detailed assessment tool that covers the general wellbeing of the individual, physical activities, diet and specific body aches and pains, if any. It allows the Total WSH team to have a better understanding of what is going on at the ground level and complements the WSHQ. Generally, a response rate of more than 80% is necessary for the findings to be generalised to the workplace surveyed.

The questionnaire can give the management information on the current status of their workers overall health and perception of work.

Both the BHS and WSHQ will give the Total WSH team a better understanding of the company in terms of their current stage of health, safety and wellbeing, MC rates, individual general health and wellbeing status. With this information, Total WSH team is able to craft out a personalized strategy towards building up the current strengths of the company in the area of health, safety and wellbeing and also provide opportunities for improvements in the gaps.

Download BHS 

Workplace visit for Risk Assessment

The Total WSH Assessment Tools are meant to provide a more holistic view of the state of safety and health at the workplace. Workplace visits should also be conducted regularly as part of the Risk Assessment for the workplace.

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