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Asia-Pacific Regional Capacity Building for HTA (ARCH) Initiative

The Asia-Pacific Regional Capacity Building for HTA (ARCH) Initiative is an international collaboration of four country expert groups led by the National University of Singapore Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health with the following partners:

The theme for the ARCH initiative is health technology assessment (HTA) and tobacco control. The ARCH Initiative is an APEC Health Working Group funded project.


  • Increase the general awareness and application of HTA amongst senior policy makers
  • Further strengthen and share existing technical, informational and institutional capacity in the broader Asia-Pacific region through two linked technical training workshops, a dedicated website and other activities
  • Support regional networks by developing a sustainable partnership/international cooperation model for HTA capacity-building in the region and beyond that builds on existing platforms including HTAsiaLink


  • Develop and execute a selected set of country-led pilot projects on HTA via series of structured workshops and ongoing ARCH support
  • To promote shared learning and dissemination tools via case studies based on the country led pilots through conference and the ARCH website

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What is HTA?
The World Health Organization defines health technology assessment as the systematic evaluation of properties, effects, and/or impacts of health technology. The term 'technology' is used broadly to define drugs, devices, and medical and surgical procedures used in health care, and the organisational and supportive systems within which such care is provided. HTA in evidence based policy making can be viewed as a tool that assists policy makers in a number of ways namely:

  • 1. The effective prioritisation health interventions and services
  • 2. Quality improvement processes
  • 3. Consistent decision making
  • 4. Reducing inappropriate variation
  • 5. Informing on the selection of indicators to assess performance and incentivise providers.

HTA is context specific where the findings in one population may not necessarily be valid in another setting. The many dimensions of HTA have setting specific objectives that may employ various methods ranging from systematic reviews to economic evaluation (cost-benefit analysis, cost-efficiency analysis, cost-minimization analysis, or budget impact analysis) and much more. HTA is an integral aspect of the health system because the effective investments in appropriate health technologies can improve the health and quality of life of the population.





ARCH Conference 2014
The ARCH Initiative project for the year 2014 will be brought to an end with a one day regional conference in Singapore. Building on the momentum from the recently concluded technical training workshops in both Manila and Bali, this event will focus on education and advocacy for incorporating HTA into decision making and the mutual development of better methods to assess value for money of investments, focusing on tobacco control and including examples of how this has worked in APEC economies and other regions.


ARCH Initiative Workshop Bali
The ARCH Initiative Workshop Bali is the follow up workshop to the highly successful inaugural ARCH Initiative Workshop Manila. The ARCH Initiative Workshop Bali aims to further enhance and strengthen participant engagement and capacity in HTA. Participants from 13 economies are set to attend this 2 day workshop from the 28 to the 29 August 2014.

The Rockefeller Foundation is a sponsor for the non APEC-economy participants of the workshop.


ARCH Initiative Workshop Manila
The ARCH inaugural workshop was held in Manila from the 10th to the 11th of April 2014. Participants from 10 APEC economies joined this 2 day workshop aimed at strengthening the understanding of key HTA concepts, and also importantly, identifying opportunities for ‘hands-on’ HTA in participating countries.

The first day of the workshop introduced basic concepts and methods in HTA, including identifying and appraising evidence, economic evaluation, and budget impact analysis.

The second day focused on mapping the country led pilot projects and country representatives presented and discussed existing opportunities and challenges for the conduct of HTA within their respective jurisdictions, with an emphasis on current data availability. This session will explored what data may need to be collected by individual countries to support future HTA studies in tobacco control, and how this may be done.



ARCH Inception Meeting
A daylong workshop was conducted in Manila on 24 October 2013 with the support of DOH Philippines to discuss and consult stakeholders on the ARCH project.



ARCH Initiative Workshop Bali: Programme and Materials

ARCH Initiative Workshop Programme

Session 1: Review of Economic Evaluation and Tobacco Control

Session 2: Assessing Cost-effectiveness of Individual Level Interventions

Session 3: Assessing Cost-effectiveness of Population Level Interventions

Session 4: Making a Case – ROI and the Business Case for Tobacco Control

Session 5: Priorities and Policymaking for Tobacco Control in ASEAN

Session 6: Making a Case – Assessing Cost of Illness Related to Tobacco

Session 7: Making a Case – Assessing Burden of Smoking


ARCH Initiative Workshop Manila: Programme and Materials

Introduction to the ARCH Initiative

Overview of Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Assessing Effectiveness

Assessing Cost and Cost-Effectiveness

Measuring and Valuing Health Outcomes

Assessing Cost-Effectiveness – What is an ICER?

Budget Impact Analysis and Return on Investment

Exploring Uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

The Decision making process and Application of Value Judgements (day 1)

The Decision making process and Application of Value Judgements (day 2)

Tobacco Control and HTA in Taiwan

Indonesia’s data availability against MDR template

Indonesia’s Country Profile – Road to HTA in Tobacco Control

Briefing of HTA and Tobacco Control in China

Thailand Presentation Review HTA and Tobacco Control

Overview of ARCH Initiative


Introduction to HTA

HTA Tools & Resources

Featured Works

Reading List

EQUIPT (European-study on Quantifying Utility of Investment in Projection from Tobacco) Project)



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