Epidemiology provides insights into the frequency and distribution of diseases in populations and its determinants, contributing to the identification of appropriate targets for public health interventions and evaluation of health promotion initiatives. 

We focus on pertinent health issues prevalent in our society, such as breast cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, infectious diseases and healthy ageing. 

The domain leads several large-scale cohort studies including the Singapore Chinese Health Study, Multi-Ethnic Cohort Study and Diabetic Study which translate to public health interventions. Professor Rob van Dam, Domain Leader, and Assistant Professor Wee Hwee Lin are also involved in a multinational study involving US, China, Taiwan and Singapore. 

We also actively conduct epidemiological modules in the School’s undergraduate and graduate programmes. 

Biostatistics & Modelling

The Biostatistics & Modelling domain focuses on the generation of health statistics through data management and analysis, disease burden modelling as well as in public health omics, which includes genomics, metabolomics and proteomics. 

Besides retaining our traditional strengths in the development and application of sophisticated statistical methodologies in clinical epidemiology, genetics and proteomics, ongoing and future work include developing methods for mining large epidemiological and omics datasets for understanding the etiology of complex diseases in humans, as well as in healthcare and predictive analytics capabilities, and performing spatial and burden modelling of chronic diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer, as well as infectious diseases such as dengue and tuberculosis. 

We have forged closer ties with the Ministry of Health, the National University Health Systems and other healthcare agencies in Singapore, enabling us to expand our focus to include the modelling of chronic and communicable diseases, as well as healthcare data science and analytics. 

Health Systems & Behavioural Sciences

The Health Systems & Behavioural Sciences combines the previous Health Education & Promotion and Health Systems & Policy domains, focusing on topics such as health services, health systems, health economics and health promotion. We lead cross-disciplinary studies with multiple agencies to support nation-wide initiatives such as the Smart Nation Initiative and National Telehealth Implementation Strategy. 

In health promotion, our research addresses interactions between lifestyle behaviours and the environment to design, implement and evaluate behavioural change and health promotion interventions. 

Our health economics research also leads health policy modelling and simulation for Singapore, establishing the School as a regional leader in the areas of population health and behavioural economics. 


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